Work in progress home network

By | 2022-12-07

Some of the recent updates to my homelab and network, main server rack hosts:

  • Raspberry PI3B+ running Pihole DNS ad-blocker.
  • Lenovo mini PC running Proxmox and hosting VM, Home Assistant for home automation, and Portainer for some small docker instances.
  • Ubiquity USW-POE-48-Pro
  • Synology DS1815+ x 2 – Media, ISO images and private cloud drive.
  • Dell R710 with VMware ESXi – Offline/not used.
  • Supermicro 815(?) with mixture of Samsung and Western Digital HDs (24 bays in use), running Unraid. This hosts all my media for Plex and associated dockers for media management.
  • Dell R210 II running PFsense, networked to FTTH (Bell ONT to RJ45).
  • Couple of APC UPSes for clean shutdown and maintaining clean power.

Second rack, in basement, networks to main server rack and hosts Ubiquity LR-AP, Ethernet connections for cameras and network wall jacks in the house:

  • Ubiquity UCK-CloudKey+
  • Ubiquity USW-POE-24 (older generation)
  • CyberPower PDU.
  • Lutron hub for smart switches.
  • Zigbee controller for zigbee networked devices (thermometers).
  • Hue hub for smart lights.

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